Madrid – Urban and suburban road traffic

Assessing Urban Emissions: Insights from NEMO’s Remote Sensing Demonstration in Madrid


NEMO’s pilot in Madrid demonstrated the practical application of innovative remote sensing technology in urban settings. This pilot project, focused exclusively on road transport, represents a significant milestone in the NEMO initiative, showcasing the successful integration and testing of the first Top-Down E-RSD prototype in a real-world environment. Installed on a gantry over a public road, the prototype underwent rigorous testing, proving its capability for continuous measurement despite the need for periodic adjustments.

The demonstration also marked the most complex integration of remote sensing devices to date, with the Multilane Remote Sensing System installed on a robust gantry over a two-lane road. This setup allowed for extensive testing with various vehicle types, highlighting the system’s ability to handle traffic in multiple lanes, albeit with some identified challenges for large-scale viability.

Key outcomes of the Madrid pilot include the system’s proven ability to measure emissions and noise from vehicles across several lanes and its robust 24/7 monitoring capability, demonstrated across different site types including single-lane gantries and rooftops. The pilot also confirmed the system’s potential for identifying high-emitting vehicles, a capability previously established in Florence.

Despite some operational issues, the Madrid pilot was deemed a success, meeting its objectives and reinforcing the feasibility of integrating these noise and emissions remote sensing devices into existing infrastructure. The pilot’s findings contribute valuable insights into the deployment of such technologies in urban environments, paving the way for more sustainable and environmentally conscious city planning.



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