Madrid – Urban and suburban road traffic

The demo project in Madrid will test a fixed monitoring scenario in a gantry of the major motorway that surrounds the city of Madrid. It will deploy a top-down configuration of the remote sensing devices.


Initial characterization: The remote sensing devices for emissions and noise, as well as multispectral camera technology, will be installed in an ITS-equipped gantry in a motorway of one of the major motorways of Madrid. The remote sensing devices will measure all the vehicles passing under it. It will allow for an initial situation assessment.

Identifying and notifying high emitters: The noise and emission limits for the identification of high emitters, as agreed with the city of Madrid, will be used to identify transgressor vehicles. As high emitters are found, Spanish road authorities will send individual notifications to vehicle owners.

Validation site demonstration: The validation site will be able to prevent false-positive high emitters and allow for measurements to be further validated. Vehicles notified for their high emissions will be sent to a periodic technical inspection where the vehicle will be measured by various remote sensing devices and by on-board diagnosis tests.

Multifunctional barrier validation: 30-40 m of multifunctional barriers will be constructed. The barrier will be assessed using individual indicators, such us captured NOx amount (by directly measuring inlet and outlet concentrations to the barrier) and photocatalytic materials (by measuring the formation of nitrates on the surface), plus PM2,5 and PM10 amounts by directly measuring inlet and outlet concentrations to the barrier and noise, among other measurements.


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