Florence – Urban road traffic

Advancing urban air quality: The Florence pilot project’s strategic deployment of NEMO’s remote sensing technology


The Florence pilot project, a key demonstration of the NEMO initiative, has established a benchmark for environmental monitoring within the European context. This demonstration, conducted in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, leveraged portable remote sensing devices (RSDs) to dynamically monitor and analyse vehicular emissions and noise across various city locations. The deployment of these sensors facilitated a comprehensive screening of the circulating fleet under a myriad of driving conditions, thereby enhancing the accuracy and representativeness of the data collected.

NEMO’s mobile remote sensing technology was strategically installed throughout Florence to capture a wide spectrum of real-world vehicle emissions and acoustic profiles. This effort was complemented by ARPAT’s air quality monitoring, which contributed to the development of an Initial Situation Assessment. The identification of high-emitting vehicles was a critical outcome of this campaign, with notifications being issued to respective vehicle owners, underscoring the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

In evaluating the effectiveness of various methodologies for HE identification, the Florence pilot adopted a conservative approach, ensuring that only the most polluting vehicles were targeted. This process not only reinforced the credibility of the monitoring campaign but also facilitated a focused and effective intervention strategy. The subsequent communication with vehicle owners, informing them of their vehicles’ emission levels, was a novel approach to fostering public engagement and awareness.

The project’s comprehensive approach also included the modelling of the city’s air quality using RIC’s RapidAir software. By simulating different enforcement scenarios, particularly those targeting HE vehicles, the project provided valuable insights into potential strategies for emission reduction. The Florence demonstration thus stands as a testament to the potential of innovative technologies in driving forward environmental policy and action, offering a scalable model for other urban centres committed to sustainable development.



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