Florence – Urban road traffic

The demo project in Florence will test a dynamic remote sensing system in an urban environment. It will deploy a crossroad configuration of the remote sensing devices.


Initial characterization: The dynamic, portable system will be deployed in different locations of the city in order to demonstrate the flexibility and ease of use of the system and to initially characterize the emissions and noise of the fleet of vehicles circulating in Florence. Meanwhile, ambient air quality will be monitored with general air quality sensors. Both actions will establish an Initial Situation Assessment to study the variations in noise and emissions at the end of the demo.

Identifying and notifying high emitters: The noise and emission limits for the identification of high emitters, as agreed with the city of Florence, will be used to identify transgressor vehicles. As high emitters are located, the municipality of Florence will send individual notifications to vehicle owners.

Urban access schemes: The existing Low Emission Zone access information panels will be used to test how access to vehicles identified as high emitters is denied. This will also make it possible to quantify the reduction in emissions that would result from denying these vehicles access to the Low Emission Zones.

Pavement validation: A pavement test section will be implemented by the municipality of Florence in a city street. The porous asphalt mix will be tested, and real-life performance will be evaluated.


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