Monitoring & mitigation solutions

​To improve noise and air quality in urban areas and across major infrastructure, NEMO employed a two-pronged approach.

First, the development of new and enhanced autonomous remote sensing technologies to determine and identify noisy and polluting vehicles. This was followed by the development of measures to mitigate noise and emissions from passing vehicles.

NEMO’s technoliges are described in full details in this paper.

Monitoring solutions

Remote sensing systems for air and noise pollution

A fully autonomous remote sensing system to measure exhaust emissions and noise from road and rail traffic. The system can easily be integrated into existing infrastructure and scaled or replicated in other locations. A software solution for data analysis and communication, integrated with existing intelligent transportation systems.


Mitigation solutions

Mulitfunctional barriers and road pavement

Implementing mitigation measures into the infrastructure can be very effective for improving local noise and air quality. Nemo’s mitigation concept consists of the integration of noise reduction, air cleaning and small particle buffering, and combining novel asphalt materials and multi-functional roadside barriers.