Multispectral imaging technology

NEMO includes the development of an autonomous remote sensing system to measure emission from ships in actual driving conditions. Multispectral ultra-fast cameras can be used to remotely measure emissions from polluting sources through analysis of photographs of the exhaust plume. The project will take on the challenge of adapting multispectral ultra-fast cameras to measure emissions on to moving objects.
Nowadays, these cameras are designed to measure non-mobile sources, such as industrial chimneys or fires.


The technology works by analyzing a captured image of the exhaust plume in a wide range of wavelengths. This enables the detection and quantification of contaminants present in the plume as well as its temperature at all its points. Nemo seeks to develop Specific filters for the compounds to be measured and to avoid overlap between emissions  (HC and NOx, for example).
The advantage of this new technology is that it does not require anything reflecting the signal on the opposite side  and it can also measure emissions at great distance. This makes the technology interesting for measuring exhaust emissions from ships in a port.

The camera technology will be mainly developed in Madrid, Spain, by Opus Remote Sensing Europe. The multispectral camera technology will be deployed on the port ground in Valencia Port to measure the emissions form large cruise ships. The lessons learned in this experiment can  be transferred to other transport modes.


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