System integration

The systems move beyond even state-of-the-art technology, offering something that can be fully integrated into and complement existing intelligent transportation systems. Intelligent transportation infrastructure delivers internet, power, and other means to make the remote sensing devices fully automated and autonomous. Different integration options will be designed and tested for the different technologies and devices.

The remote sensing devices for emissions and noise can be integrated in specific road or rail infrastructure in a coupled configuration, or de-coupled to allow them to work separately. This will make it possible to extend the scope of use of both technologies. Portals and tolls are the most suitable locations for the fixed installation of these systems. For the remote sensing devices for emissions, a cross-road/rail configuration will be deployed. A top-down configuration will be developed for the multispectral camera technology. The remote sensing device for noise can be integrated in both configurations.

One of the objectives of the remote sensing devices is to have the most minimalist device possible, while covering specifications, so that it can be easily integrated into infrastructure like motorway gantries, tolling portals, or streetlamps.


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