Public deliverables

On this page you will find public deliverables such as reports and articles created within the NEMO project. 

PDF 976 KB – 29 Okt 2021

This document aims at providing an overview and assessment of policy options that tackle emissions and noise measurements of individual vehicles. Where applicable, the document also presents where opportunities exist for remote sensing technologies like the ones developed by the NEMO project in a legislative context. The document considers policies across the EU and highlights where gaps may exist based on current knowledge.

PDF 1.84 MB – 29 Apr 2021

Within this report, a review of methodologies to assess the impact of pollutant and noise emissions on human health and the environment is provided. Based on this review and the integration of remote sensing measurements of pollutant and noise emissions, undertaken as part of the NEMO project, recommended methodologies for calculating external costs linked to emission and noise are given.