Deadline for submitting abstract closes on February 4th 2022! 



To help plan the conference, when submitting your abstract, you need to select one only of the 4 options below.

  1. I intend to attend the conference in person and wish to present live at the conference.
  2. I intend to join online. I will pre-record and submit my presentation for transmission at the appropriate time and session and will join online to answer questions immediately after my presentation.
  3. I intend to attend the conference in person, but will be happy to pre-record and submit my presentation for online transmission should I subsequently be unable to travel.
  4. I wish to submit a poster presentation.

Please note that all presentations will be recorded and available online for conference registrants for 6 months post the conference. By submitting an abstract you are agreeing to your presentation being recorded and available to delegates online post conference for 6 months.

Submit your abstract now! Deadline is February 4th 2022. 

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